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Victor’s experience in adventure travel has given him a studious and practical understanding of adventure travel gear – a combination of technical concepts and working knowledge of adventure-travel gear. He understands the practical differences between any type of equipment made from different materials, such as the difference between a sleeping bag filled with synthetic material and one filled with down feathers, and he also has a honed sense for the type of gear that works in the field, and the practical implications of any type of gear. Such cumulative experience and knowledge has taken many years to accrue; sometimes it was a matter of learning the hard way through mistakes or being caught out with the wrong gear, or with inadequate gear in particular situations.    


Victor’s expertise in adventure-travel gear has led him to write service articles and even short article-length guides about adventure-travel gear. So if you are an editor (or anyone else) looking for content about adventure-travel gear, then Victor can provide you with high-quality writing about adventure-travel gear. His writing in this area will be simultaneously informative and entertaining.  


To get a taste of Victor’s knowledge of adventure travel gear, you can explore the following two pages:  


 Camping Gear Guide Introduction 

Victor understands the essential pieces of gear for camping, and how to choose the optimal equipment – separating the essential from the superfluous – and in this page you can read an introduction to a Camping Gear Guide written by Victor.  


 Packing Light for Adventure Travels 

This is a service piece about packing light for adventure travels – what essentials to pack and how to keep the luggage or rucksack as light as possible, within the crucial 15kg limit. 



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