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Victor is a specialist in adventure travel generally, and hiking and wildlife watching particularly. He has been travelling adventurously for more than twenty years, seeking pristine nature and remote cultures or ethnic enclaves. Throughout that time Victor has trekked extensively in mountains, particularly in Asia – within Asia, he has trekked his way around much of the rim of Tibet, an area stretching from northwest India to southwest China. Such travels have given Victor vast experience in all matters related to adventure travel, especially trekking and camping, as well as expertise in geography and nature. He is an avid birdwatcher, as well as a specialist in the design and practice of outdoor travel itself. He has excellent working knowledge of adventure-travel gear; he has organised intrepid trekking and camping trips to some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes; he has taken people on birdwatching or wildlife watching jaunts, including wildlife documentary makers; he is able to recognize and name a large array of wild plants and animals and birds.   


Adventure travel has served Victor well in his writing – his writing about outdoor adventures and nature is passionate and informative in equal measure. Yet this section of his website is about Victor’s expertise in adventure travel gear and also the kind of travels that Victor has been organizing for other travellers.  


Victor has designed and organised several journeys for private groups of travellers, journeys that played out in some of the most spectacular geographic frontiers in Asia, particularly in mountains, but also in other parts of the world – desert expeditions in the Sahara Desert, travel photography tours, fishing with artisanal fishermen in the Mediterranean. To find out more about all these different possibilities, explore the relevant pages in this section of this website. 



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Photography Tours

Improve your travel photography in practical coaching during travels to inspiring locations - choose from short or long itineraries [more info...]

Travel Adventures

Drawing on specialist knowledge and experience, Victor organises expeditions to wild landscapes and cultural frontiers [more info...]

Content Wizardry

Any type of content or written communications, including PR and marketing, will benefit from Victor’s wizardry with words [more info...]

Imagery Tutorship

Learn photographic theory and practice at any level, either in a private tuition or in small-class formation [more info...]


Victor Borg showing pictures to farmers.


 Victor has lived in 6 countries in 3 continents; he understands Asian cultures intimately. 

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 Victor's creative nonfiction is varied: essays & memoirs, geography & travel, tourism & environment, columns & features 

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 Victor has explored dozens of countries; he knows China, Southeast Asia, & the Mediterranean very well.

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 Victor has written extensively about food; he has studious and practical knowledge of Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Thai & Mediterranean cuisines.

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