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All feature articles have a basis in news, and Victor’s features deal with newsy developments in the subjects that the author has specialist knowledge about – travel and lifestyle, nature and environment, culture and archeology, as well as tourism development and environment – all issues that Victor understands very well thanks to a combination of study and long experience working in these areas.  


 The Accidental Fishermen 

The author joins the small-scale tuna fishermen in the Mediterranean whose old fishing rhythms have been disrupted by the destructive industrial-scale Bluefin tuna fishery.


 Highs & Downs of Paradise

In this news feature, the author investigates the na├»ve travellers and get-rich-quick dreamers-abroad that end up victims to Thailand’s harsh drug laws, as well as the ubiquitous police scams.


 Masters of the Sahara 

Recent archeological excavations have discovered that the ancient Garamantes kingdom in the central Sahara Desert was much more powerful than previously thought – the author goes to the desert to find out what the archeologists have unearthed.   


 Grey to Green Tourism 

Although bus-bound hordes of package tourists still overwhelm China’s famous tourist sights, including national parks, the first offshoots of eco-tourism have sprouted up in China – the author reports on China’s nascent ecotourism industry.     


 Sun, Sea, & Sumptuous Seclusion 

Exclusive upscale resorts are sprouting up all over the Andaman Coast of Thailand, all trying to outdo one another in seclusion and luxury, as well as their respect for the environment, but the author finds out that there is much more to be done in the area of environmental care. 


 Sinking Propositions

Proposals by the European Union to reverse overfishing and save coastal communities from demise in European waters have been dismissed as misguided and counterproductive by the very people who are supposed to champion the EU’s cause: the artisanal fishermen and the environmental organisations. The author investigates the fishermen’s ire.



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