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Victor is a food connoisseur and excellent home cook; and everywhere he goes, he takes to the local cuisine with unbridled relish. His passion for food has led him to learn a lot about Asian cuisines; he believes that one of the greatest things about south and east Asia is the kaleidoscope of wonderful cuisines. Food in Asia is the most varied and exciting in the world, and Victor has written extensively about Asian foods: you can read some of his Asian-food articles in this section.    


 A Dozen Chilli A Day 

This article explores the penchant for chilli in Thailand – its preparation and its use in different dishes, its cultural potency in folklore, its history and cultivation, its beneficial health effects – and the author even quantifies its use in Thailand.  


 Heavenly Brew 

The culture of tea drinking arose in west China thousands of years ago, and this article charts the evolution of tea-houses in Sichuan from courtyard teahouses of the proletariat to the new crop of sophisticated and plush teahouses that are sprouting up today.   


 Bangkok: Food City 

This is a guide-style service story about all the different eating experiences that can be had in the Thai capital, ranging from street food on pavement stalls to plush restaurants. 


 Wines for Spicy Foods 

This article follows the development of professional Thai wines, a different type of wines whose character is fruity and slightly sweet, making the wines ideas with spicy foods.   


 Black Chicken Pepper 

This article introduces Sichuan cuisine, and the different categories of dishes, such as stir-fries, soups, cold dishes, and so on.




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