Malta Guidebooks

Over the years Victor has written all the leading guidebooks to Malta – he is originally Maltese – published by the British publishers Rough Guides, Penguin, and Time Out. His initial Rough Guide to Malta & Gozo is the longest guidebook to Malta ever written; it’s the definitive reference guidebook to Malta.  


He has also contributed material, whether writing or photography, to various other guidebooks – among these, he took the pictures for an entire guidebook to London. Other guide-style booklets that he wrote include a guide to the best 100 hotels in Thailand, a short guidebook to Bangkok, brief guidebooks to Hamburg (Germany) and Laos, as well as other sections of guidebooks to other various places.  


In this section you can peruse two excerpts from one of the guidebooks to Malta published by Victor.  


 Malta Guidebook Chapter 

Launch and peruse an entire chapter – as it appears on the printed book – from Victor’s latest guidebook to Malta

Click here to launch the chapter excerpt… 


 Essay on Maltese Architecture 

Read an essay about the development of Maltese architecture originally published in the Rough Guide to Malta & Gozo.




   Rough Guide to Malta & Gozo by Victor Paul Borg            Penguin's Malta & Gozo Directions by Victor Paul Borg



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