Picture Galleries

The galleries in the subpages that follow are collections of images arranged either by theme or by place. Brief introductions of the galleries are given below.


 Landscapes & Sunsets

Landscapes, whether wild or rural are one of the most popular subgenres of photography. And sunsets are a form of landscape rendered by the deep colours during sunset and the silhouettes of ground features. 


 People & Faces

This gallery contains portraits of a variety of peoples hailing from a wide range of geographic regions; some are members of remote tribes in Asia.


 Asian Food & Markets

Asia’s teeming bustle is at its liveliest and most exotic in fresh food markets. Asian cuisines are also creative and varied and spicy, particularly Thai and Chinese dishes, which feature in the bulk of pictures in this gallery.


 West China

The western part of China still boasts pockets of traditional culture and sweeps of mountainous wilderness, making the region one of the most memorable in Asia.


 Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia boasts a rich kaleidoscope of cultures and sights, as well as a lush tropical clime that is at its best in the watery landscapes, especially on the coasts, where spectacular beaches and coastal landscapes abound. 


 Maltese Islands

Despite its diminutive size, Malta is full of historical architectural setpieces, medieval towns, showy events, Catholic piousness, and spectacular seaside landscapes – all qualities that give the Maltese archipelago an importance out of proportion to size.



Tibet is a special place and home to some of the most outlandish and spiritual people in the world – Victor has travelled extensively in eastern Tibet, and the pictures here are a small selection of a sizeable collection. 


Photography Tours

Improve your travel photography in practical coaching during travels to inspiring locations - choose from short or long itineraries [more info...]

Travel Adventures

Drawing on specialist knowledge and experience, Victor organises expeditions to wild landscapes and cultural frontiers [more info...]

Content Wizardry

Any type of content or written communications, including PR and marketing, will benefit from Victor’s wizardry with words [more info...]

Imagery Tutorship

Learn photographic theory and practice at any level, either in a private tuition or in small-class formation [more info...]


Victor Borg showing pictures to farmers.


 Victor has lived in 6 countries in 3 continents; he understands Asian cultures intimately. 

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 Victor's creative nonfiction is varied: essays & memoirs, geography & travel, tourism & environment, columns & features 

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 Victor has explored dozens of countries; he knows China, Southeast Asia, & the Mediterranean very well.

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 Victor has written extensively about food; he has studious and practical knowledge of Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Thai & Mediterranean cuisines.

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