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Victor developed and delivered a successful course in general photography at the Centre for Art & Crafts – Malta’s leading art school, part of the Education Department of the Maltese government – a course that was widely praised for the practical focus of the lessons, a type of delivery that fosters each student according to his/her ambition and potential through personal coaching and attention. Victor lectured in various classes, ranging from classes of utter beginners to classes of budding professionals, delivering all the essential theoretical knowhow and photographic techniques in a practical, hands-on manner. And after he left the school (he moved country), he continued to bring the same winning combination of theory and practice to his private students, which he teaches on request; courses or sessions for private students are customised according to the preference, ambition, and specific camera that the student owns. Normally, students who engage Victor as their private coach would be using DSLR cameras. 


The length and scope of private tutoring is determined by the student’s requirements. The shortest course covers familiarisation with, and understanding of, camera settings – modern DSLR cameras have a large range of settings that are bewildering to beginners, and it takes 10-12 hours of learning to gain understanding and practical knowhow of the essential camera settings. On top of that, students can opt to extend the tutoring to cover generic photographic theory, which takes another four or five hours. Students can also choose to learn much more: lessons on the theory and technique of various subgenres of photography – such as landscape, portraiture, architecture, still life, nature, flash photography, action and motion, and so on – and classes about post-processing on image-editing software, something that is nowadays an essential part of picture-taking. And finally, students can also follow up with practice, first learning to fiddle confidently with camera settings and learning the theory of any chosen subgenre of photography, and then practicing the theory by doing assignments under the guidance of the tutor.    


Private courses by Victor can be conducted in person or online, depending where the student lives. Online lessons are delivered by the use of a variety of mediums: notes and other reading material sent via email, discussions and elaborations delivered live via internet phone (such as Skype), and then assignments or the student’s picture are assessed in detail and discussed live with the student via online conference.    


If you are interested in receiving photography tutoring or lessons, or engaging Victor to teach a class, then write to Victor to discuss the different course possibilities. You can see samples of Victor's own pictures at the Picture Galleries section of this website.




The excerpts below are culled from students' testimonials and reference letter by school headmaster:


Joseph Attard, Head of School, Gozo Centre for Art & Crafts

“Students have praised the course and also Victor, the tutor. They have particularly praised Victor’s vast knowledge of photography, as well as the practical focus of the lessons, a type of delivery that fosters each student according to his or her potential by personal attention and coaching. Beginners were able to progress [throughout Victor’s course] to become budding professionals. I have also found Victor to be capable, professional, diligent, methodical, and enthusiastic... I have no hesitation in recommending him as an invaluable photography lecturer and tutor.”


Terry Camilleri

“I have had the fortune of attending Victor’s Photography Class at School of Art (Malta). Victor’s photography skills are equalled by his empathy, integrity and patience – he is an exceptional photographer and a great teacher, and his passion for photography comes through when teaching students the tricks of the trade: I learned more about photography than I could have imagined.”  


Michael Buttigieg 

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity in gaining knowledge and hands-on experiencing in SLR camera photography. I have learnt a lot with you especially when we had the outings and could practice what we learned in class.” 


Anna Maria Busuttil 

“It was an intensive and informative course with the occasional snippet of personal information that only Victor Borg could give having such extensive hands-on practice and experience. I also liked the photographic outings organised during the course, and I would recommend this course to anyone who aspires to become a better photographer.”  


Victor Mercieca 

“Mr Borg’s own specialties are in travel and nature photography, about which he was able to offer advice and hints that could only come from one who has been out in the field and doing this kind of work for many years.”


Note: If you like to check the veracity of the excerpts above, the original testimonial letters and contact details of the former students quoted above are available on request. The head of school's refernce letter is also available for viewing on request.


Photography Tours
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