Travel Narrative

These first-person travel stories mostly play out in far-off places, where Victor likes to travel for adventure, seeking out emerging destination that are rewarding for their glorious nature and exotic cultures. Travel at such emerging destinations is full of surprises and outlandishness, and the excitement that Victor finds in these places shows in his narrative travel stories. And, although these stories are mainly first-person experiential stories, the stories also have a backbone of reportage that gives substance and immediacy to the destinations being written about. The author takes an angle on any given destination, and each story implicitly answers the question: why here, why now?


 Hallucinations in the Sahara

This travel tale recounts a long roadtrip in Libya – visiting archeological ruins, exploring the great Saharan mountains and the Berber homeland around Ghadames, and walking around Tripoli’s decaying streets – a long memorable drive in which the author mingles with normal Libyans.  


 Where the Vultures Circle

In the high grasslands of Tibet, the author is hosted by a clan of Tibetan nomads who live in low stooping tents made of yak hide and roam the grasslands with their large herds of grazing yaks.


 Trail of the Takin

On the high ridges of the eastern Himalya mountains, the author goes out searching for pandas in the wild and discovers the mystical takin – read about his trekking adventure here.


 Seeking Palawan

Known as the Philippines last frontier, Palawan offers boundless nature and the richest tropical waters in Asia: the author travels all over the province and waxes lyrical about the undiscovered attractions.


 Secrets of the Stones

Deep in the forests that surround the Plain of Jars in Laos, the authors finds that the recently-discovered clusters of megalithic stone jars and the villages of outlandish mountain people are twin attractions that make the area a new hub for adventure tourism in Asia.




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