About this website

This website is run by Victor Paul Borg, who has worked as a fulltime journalist, writer and photographer for 23 years. He has lived in five countries in Europe and Asia, and spent more than six months in six more. His work has been published around the world, including in large publications in the US and UK, and newspapers of various countries.

For some years he reported for the British Royal Geographical Society in assignments at the natural and human frontiers, mostly in Asia. Other assignments included consultancy and planning for TV documentaries, as well as conducting a few exclusive tours in remote parts of the mountains of west China.

Wherever he lived, he immersed himself in media and public discourse, as well as environmentalism. His wider interests include a passion for food, outdoors, nature and cultures.

Since 2017 Victor has mostly been doing investigative journalism in Malta. In this website he seeks to mount extended campaigns and projects, publish some journalistic investigations, post analytical articles on topics of current critical national importance and rule of law, create support base for large investigations that are published in larger media outlets, and create support for lawsuits designed to bring about reform that is critical to buttress rule of law and citizen justice in Malta.