Donate to an investigation of your choice

From Victor Paul Borg: 

I have to raise money from donations to produce work published on this website.  

I have designed a transparent system of donations. Each category of work has a target amount, and this enables you to see what money is being sought for what and where the donations are going. It also enables you to see the modest amounts sought for each category.

Another reason for having channels of donations for different categories is that it gives you the  option to donate for something you feel passionate about.  

You can find information on each of these donation channels in banners at the bottom of the relevant pages of content.

Here are brief descriptions of the main categories:

Self-driven investigations

I am the only journalist in Malta who consistently does self-driven or self-generated investigative journalism. These investigations take time and effort and risk, and I seek to raise €200 monthly for such investigative pieces. Click here to donate to investigations.

Planning emergency

Investigations and well-researched features on planning are a special category of this website. These articles are well illustrated for impact, making the illustrations part of investigative output on these planning articles. The aim is to reveal and rally via investigative articles to help foster the dynamic for planning reform, which is urgently required. The target is to raise €200 monthly for the planning emergency. Click here to donate to planning emergency.

Special coverage areas

These are categories in which this website will mount special, extensive, rolling coverage whose aim is to reveal (by investigative articles) and to rally (by publicizing ways or means that you can get involved to contribute to bringing about change). Links to donation pages for each of these categories will be shared within those relevant pages.

Technical expenses

Running costs of this website are considerable. These costs include subscriptions to various services, including robust security systems and protections.

The cost of these services amounts to €122 every month – or €1464 annually. On top of that I am trying to raise €600 for outsourcing technical development in Site Engine Optimisation that will serve to extend the reach and ranking of this website. 

That amounts to a technical expense of €2,064 that I am trying to raise this year. 

There is no direct way to donate to technical expenses at the moment. I am instead channeling offline donations to technical expenses. 

Starting at the beginning of 2002, I have raised €830 in offline donations. This means I am seeking an additional of €1,234 for technical expenses this year. 

If you like to contribute to this cost, or enter into a sponsorship agreement, please write to me at [email protected]