Donate to an investigation of choice seeks donations for four reasons, as explained below.

Articles on this website

To compensate Victor (or other authors) for articles published exclusively on this website. These largely fall under operations or focus areas such as articles about shared parenting, rule of law, and planning emergency.

Planning Emergency

The point of this fund is to raise €200 per month for the following: 

  • investigative articles that seek to expose perverse granting of permits by the Planning Authority that will be published on this website;
  • technical research to help NGOs devise and carry out legal battles in a bid to disrupt perverse granting permits and force through reform.

Click here to donate to the planning emergency

Gozo land grab

A modest one-fee of €400 currently sought as payment for articles on the Gozo land grab published on this website – click here to donate. 

Reports on specialized subjects

To compensate Victor for researching and writing reports on specialized subjects such as reform of system of judicial discipline, and reform of law and family court in parenting arrangements after marital separation or divorce.


Although many investigations are currently published in commercial media outlets, no outlet is Malta pays anything even remotely close to the amount of work, expense, and effort that goes into self-driven investigations. Some investigations take weeks to complete, yet payment for an article is typically less than an employee on a low salary makes in a day. This is the reason why there is so little investigative journalism in Malta.

Victor has been bearing financial strain and loss to do self-driven investigative journalism, and this is not sustainable unless income is augmented from other sources. Hence donations.

The innovativeness of this website is that you can donate for specific investigative operations, and that way donate to whatever you believe in. 

Legal Actions

Victor is seeking to mount legal actions whose outcome could serve to reform laws and systems to the benefit of everyone – at the moment he is planning to mount cases to challenge the current, nonworkable systems of discipline for members of the judiciary and lawyers. Donations will be sought to fund these legal actions.

Website running costs

It costs €130 monthly to keep this website operational – click here to donate.