Introduction to Special Reporting Project

In a special project and reportage, called Justice on Trial, this website will be featuring investigative reportage and indepth analysis on aspects of the legal system that undermine citizens’ access to justice.

One limb of this special reportage  is journalistic investigations into, and revelations of, workings of the courts or tribunals – and the legal system – that constitute abuses of power, or perpetrate injustices, or even create new injustices.

There will also be indepth analysis of processes or workings, as well as laws, of elements that impinge on constitutional principles, or breach people’s human rights.

The aim is to inform citizens through the reportage and analyses, something that might encourage or rally citizens to ultimately seek remedy in the constitutional courts in Malta, as well as Europe-level courts – the EU’s Court of Justice as well as European Court for Human Rights, which is organized under the Council of Europe.

Another aim is to rally for change that would make it easier to hold members of the judiciary to account (or to censure them) for misconduct, as well as members of the legal profession, lawyers mostly. 

Findings of indepth legal analyses will also be shared with NGOs that may decide to launch legal battles in the public interest.

This website will also support citizens who seek to change the system for better access to justice, and greater accountability among court officials or actors.

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