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Report: Conservatism on parenting roles and outdated family courts damaging to children after separation

I am publishing a report on the science of shared parenting after family separation. It can be described as a compendium – copious amount of work has gone into researching and compiling it.

The report – titled The Science of Shared Parenting – is an easy to comprehend review of the scientific literature written in a way that makes it a useful and thorough guide on how decisions on child custody have to be taken and arranged for the best interest of the child. This is what makes it different, or rather unique. 

It is written in a manner that makes it informative to an audience ranging from social scientists to a nonscientific audience.  

Why should you care?

A substantial number of marriages are failing, and the post-separation custody arrangement of most children in Malta and elsewhere – either through the choices of the parents themselves or the decisions/impositions of the family courts – is damaging to, or a hindrance to, children’s psychological development and wellbeing.

Most children also suffer in silence from the loss of meaningful contact or care by one of the parents, usually the father – fathers play a key, indispensable role in the psychological development of children.

All of this is thoroughly explained in the report, which is appended below. The report’s interactivity allows you to click or browse through, getting a handle on particular topics of your interest.

What comes next?

This report is being published to launch a new special reporting project by this website. The reporting project will follow the formula or stance adopted by this website in other areas of special reportage: to reveal and rally, and to become a rallying point and a point of reference.

I am now working on a second report on legislative change and institutional reform that is needed for a paradigm shift in the way child custody after separation is decided and arranged.

I am also working on a series of investigative articles into the workings of the family courts, into parents wronged and children damaged, as well as institutional failings or shortcomings that are jeopardising the psychological wellbeing and developmental potential of many children after marital breakdown or separation.  

And this is where you can help. If you know of any stories that need to be told – and if you have any particular thoughts, ideas, or experiences that you feel ought to be shared – then please write to me by clicking here. 

Anyone keeping me fed?

If I had to condense the amount of time it took to research, write, and compile the report published here into a block of worktime, then it would have taken at least three months of intense, full-time work. No one has paid me anything for such work.

So – I am seeking to raise €1,500 from donations. That is for the report published here, the second report I am working on, as well as all the investigative articles – and video – that I will publish in the shared parenting special reporting project this year. I already have half a dozen investigative articles in the works, and there will be more as ideas come in.

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