Shared Parenting

Children’s wellbeing after divorce: an insightful guide and blueprint that bridges science, policy, and parenting

After a copious amount of multi-layered research, I have compiled and written a report on the science of shared parenting after family dissolution. The research involved an extensive review of the scientific literature as well as discussions with a range of frontline professionals working in the field, especially social workers and psychologists.  

Shared parenting is the best arrangement for protecting children’s psychological wellbeing – and fostering optimal development – after family dissolution.

The report bridges the scientific literature – scientific papers tend to be more specific, focused on specific topics or subtopics – and popular exposition or articles, which tend to be more discursive and less articulated. In this way, the report is uniquely comprehensive, insightful and graspable – and can serve as a guide of sorts.

That makes it useful for a range of people – social scientists not familiar with the science, or seeking to conduct further research; parents who seek to learn how to handle parenting after family split to ensure their children’s psychological wellbeing; practitioners in the family court; policy makers.

Above all, it offers a coherent, comprehensive understanding of the science that can guide decision making on child custody after separation, and enunciate the essential ingredients for quality parenting, or shared parenting, after separation.

If you think this work has value, and if you like to contribute to reportage – upcoming investigative articles and short video documentaries – about parents and children wronged or damaged by badly handled separations and child custody disputes, then please make a donation to sustain my work. I have spent months working on the report, and I am currently preparing a series of investigative articles – and I am only seeking to raise a modest amounting of funds that is less than a month’s average salary.

You can open the report by clicking on the banner below; and you can donate by clicking on the donate button further down the page.

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Researching, compiling and writing the extensive scientific report has taken months of work. A series of investigative articles and insightful analysis are also being published this year – these serve to reveal and rally, and become a rallying point or point of reference – enable and sustain this invaluable (yet neglected) work by contributing as little as  €5. 

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