Gozo Land Grab: The Investigation

In a sprawling investigation that has taken many months, scrutiny of thousands of pages of notarial and court documents, and dozens of interviews, the investigation dubbed as the Gozo land grab has yielded 18 articles. The investigation also had input from three editors, and a range of legal and notarial experts who given many hours of assistance on specialized legal and notarial aspects of the investigation.   

Of the 18 articles already published, most revelatory are the last cluster of five. These were published in Lovin Malta – links to those are below.

Foundation foundress Cosmana Navarra

A section of this website is now dedicated to the Gozo land grab. Although investigative, breaking stories would appear in established media outlets, the articles on this website would provide extended coverage, specialized pieces, and overviews like the timeline.

The timeline provides a graspable overview of the sinuous, complex story, and it serves as reference material for other researchers or journalists.

Click here to read the timeline

The saga is far from over. People affected by the timeline are becoming more vociferous, and a new law may yet lead to the land registrations to be challenged in court by the State Advocate or even revoked by the government.

Here are links to the last cluster of articles published in Lovin Malta:

Read More: Archbishop's decrees open way for flats and land transfers worth millions

Read More: Church abandons residents and pious obligations

Read More: How solid is the hereditary of people given control of lands worth millions by the church? 

Read More: Company set up as vehicle to sell land relinquished by church made millions this year

Read More: Questions surrounding archbishop mount after testimony over Gozo lands

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Keep the probe going: in this case, since the core investigative work has been completed, a one-off fee is sought to continue the probe and coverage, including extended coverage on this website.

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